• 1893 American Midwestern Bridal Ensemble

  • 1893 American Midwestern Bridal Ensemble

We present here a splendid silk satin and damask elegant “leg-o-mutton” wedding dress of splendid proportions and lovely tailoring.

This dress is all it’s simplicity is a great example of American late Victorian women’s tailoring and dress construction. The original was created in 1893 by Marshall Field’s in Chicago for a young lady named Franc Chaddock of Allegon, Michigan for her June wedding.

The bodice is bag lined in cream silk taffeta. The lovely sleeves are one and a half widths of the fabric, and are hand gathered in cartridge pleats across the shoulders. Once shirred, the sleeve head is hand mounted into the arm’s eye, with splendid results and appearance. The collar is shirred into a pair of butterfly wing flairs at the back, fastened with tiny hooks and eyes. The lovely front belt is hand tucked and hand mounted to the finished bodice spreading in the back to create a faux waistcoat, and a lovely trim detail for the congregation to see as the bride walks up the aisle.

The skirt is built from an 1893 dinner dress found again in the Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion collection. We used this skirt because it is designed with a cathedral length train, with clever tailoring details on the hips and in the back to create the needed fullness. This choice delightfully  matches the look and design of the original bridal dress, since there is no existing skirt pattern taken from it.

The overall look of this bridal gown is simple and extremely elegant and eye appealing.

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