The next illustrations show basic skirt and blouse sets traditionally worn by working women, shopkeepers, florists, secretaries and housewives. The seven-gore skirt made of one flat front panel and three pairs of increasingly long triangular panels was the standard garment of the time. The following sets have this particular item in common so we will dwell on the blouses and their styling and concept.


The dark floral print on rayon faux-silk blouse is a side fastening design. Like a dress bodice the blouse has a bonded under-structure onto which the outer fabric is essentially draped. There are fastenings in the left shoulder and down the left side of the drape. The blousing hides the opening, which is disguised additionally by the collar fastening in the back, but floating free from the shoulder to center back. This design was most popular beginning around 1897.

It should be noted that a full circle stiffened skirt would have more often been worn with this style of blouse, the seven gores coming into fashion in 1900.

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