• 1873-1875 Promenade Suit

  • 1873-1875 Promenade Suit

We present here a black and grey winter weight linen and velvet three piece lady’s promenade suit in five fabrics and textures, with refined tailoring and detail work.

This extraordinary bustle period visiting suit may be found in the Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion volume 2 Englishwomen’s dresses and their construction.

The original may be seen in the Victoria & Albert museum in London, in the UK. It was constructed of summer weight sky blue silk. Our studio chose to create a winter weight garment in shades of black and gray using silk velvet for the jacket, and an unusually heavy linen in a very coarse weave for the skirt. The over bustle is of light grey tabby weave silk, stiff enough to stand up on its own without benefit of the bustle pad underneath!.

The hand applied trims are made from a silk satin striped heavy damask, and a necktie weight silk paisley damask. The ribbon trim is double sided silk satin, in black and white. The stunning faux waistcoat on the jacket is assembled by machine and hand applied to the finished jacket on the dress form so the trim follows the body shape exactly. The eight buttons fastening the jacket are medium round drilled out glass pearls and their hue matches the shades of gray perfectly.

The jacket is lined in stiff cotton. The same fabric was used to build the underskirt, with applied eighteen inch taffeta flounces around the hem. The bustle itself, for comfort is a soft pad mounted to the waistband of the underskirt.

A black felt and feathered hat with sheer veiling and black gloves complete this very elegant ensemble.

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