We present here a single color, very simplistically designed late 90’s very formal dinner gown created from a classic Past Patterns historic dress pattern.

This is a lovely, very simple and consequently very dressy ensemble adapted from a Past Patterns late 90’s dinner and ball gown. It’s single color and choice of fabric, a silk moire’ taffeta in bright crimson makes for a seriously elegant and dressed up garment. The extreme richness of the fabric makes this a genuine visual treat and is particularly beautiful when the wearer is moving around in a candle lit room.

The adaptability of the dress pattern used is wonderfully represented here. The bodice is bag lined, and lightly boned. We chose not to replicate the original point front, but rather made the bodice with a slightly lengthened torso which is tucked into the waistband of the seven gored skirt. Trim is limited to machine lace and lace tape on the sleeves. Fastening is center back and utilizes hood and eye tape.

The skirt is a basic late 90’s and turn of the century seven gore with a short train. Trim is limited to a band of white tape lace. A petticoat of white taffeta with an 18 inch flounce added to the hem to create extra volume, and mounted on it’s own waistband is worn underneath.

“Diamonds”, or for that matter diamonds, rubies or pearls or perhaps a combination of these for jewelry would be splendid in an elegant formal dinner setting.

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