• 1893 Garden Afternoon Dress

  • 1893 Garden Afternoon Dress

We present here a garden full of cabbage roses in typical Victorian colors and designs, in a traditional 1890’s day dress with splendid leg o’ mutton sleeves.

Created for Ms. Kim Lampkin, this garden dress has a bodice whose focus is definitely it’s very large sleeves, and the circle skirt seen in endless illustrations of Gay 90’s ladies costumes.

The choice of a wonderfully illustrated cotton covered with cabbage roses meets all the criteria for being called Victorian. The bag lined lightly boned bodice is decorated with chocolate brown satin ribbons. The bodice back being cut on the bias adds an interesting dimension to the decorations. The leg o’ mutton sleeves have additional wired white satin ribbon on the design field, and wired brown and white satin ribbons on the shoulder caps. The sleeves are shirred into cartridge pleats and hand mounted to the arm’s eye. The bodice is hemmed with brown satin, and has skirt hook bars around the waist from which the skirt is suspended.

The circle skirt is cut in only two pieces using the full width of the fabric. This results in a center front seam which chevrons the banded floral design. By the time the design reaches the center back, the bands are running vertical which adds another element of visual interest. Diagonal bands of brown and wired white satin ribbon decorate the skirt front and side panels. The hem is bound in brown cotton velvet, and decorated at the ribbon bands with cream and brown wired ribbon bows.

The petticoat is cut from the same pattern as the skirt, with an 18 inch taffeta flounce around the base to enhance and support the skirts shape. At Ms. Lampkin’s request there is an additional dust ruffle added to the back of the skirt, tied in place with satin ribbon. The dress is worn annually at the Galveston Texas Charles Dickens on the Strand festival, outdoors and the client was concerned with damaging the hem walking in the dirty streets.

The costume is worn with short white gloves, a parasol and a matching hat of the clients own. The costume is always an attention grabber at the festival, and with her husband in costume as well they are frequently photographed.

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